Club History

Metung Yacht Club History

The club was formed in 1934 in the middle of the great depression. The first meeting was held in Joe Bull’s log cabin. Called the Metung Sailing Club, It was decided to encourage one design racing and the international “Snipe” class was adopted. Designed for sailors of all ages, this rugged 15 ft bermuda rigged dinghy was the largest one design class in the world before the second world war. The first commodore, Mr Bill Borthwick commissioned four Snipes to be built. By 1938, a fleet of about 10 Snipe Dinghy boats regularly raced on Bancroft bay and Lake King.

The Metung Sailing Club went into recession in the early 1940’s as most of the members were in the armed services. In 1950, another club – the Regatta Club was founded to promote boating (primarily speed boats) activities on the Lakes. This group purchased the current MYC and bowls club five acre site for 1000 pounds. The area was little more than a hill and a swamp which required draining, filling and levelling. The vision was to install a pipe drain and then bulldoze the hill into the low area. In order to receive a grant to do this, the Club had to hand over the land to the Crown. The area was filled but due to dwindling interest in speed boats, the Regatta Club decided to hand over the lease to the reformed Metung Yacht Club, then close and give its considerable remaining funds to the sailing club. This provided some of the necessary capital to build club rooms on the existing site in 1959. In 1960, it was also decided to build a club jetty to provide some mooring facilities. This was later replaced by a Marina with the assistance of a couple of Victorian politicians – Dick Hamer and Henry Bolte who often holidayed in Metung.


Today The club rooms offer a great place to meet, enjoy a meal and your favourite beverage.

The marina has recently been updated with floating pens. The MYC also has use of the Shire hard stand dry storage with 3 tonne crane and launching ramp. Our club conducts one design regattas for Etchells and Dragon keelboats as well as mixed design racing. Also popular is our growing fleet of classic wooden boats including Couta Boats. Our junior fleet (for kids 8 to 17 years) learn to safely sail Opti and International Cadet dinghies.

Classes Sailed At Metung Sailing/Yacht Club Since Inception Until Now

Snipe, Payne -Mortlock Canoe, Vaucluse Senior (VS), Vaucluse Junior (VJ), Gwen 12, Top Hat, 21Ft restricted Class, International Star Class, YW Diamond, Flying Fifteen, Hood 23, Moth Dinghy, Flying Dutchman, Thunderbird, International Dragon, Cadet Dinghy, J24, H28, 420 Dinghy, 470 Dinghy, Seaway 25, Couta Boats & Etchells