Junior Training

Junior Training

Rule No. 1: It must be fun!

For almost 50 years the Metung Yacht Club has been introducing young people to the exciting sport/ hobby of sailing. Our junior sailing series operates from November to Easter each year and culminates in a combined regatta with young sailors from the Sandringham Yacht Club.

Bancroft Bay, in front of the Metung clubhouse, provides the perfect conditions for both coaching and racing and has been utilised for this purpose by the club for many years.

To encourage sailing to all interested children, regardless of gender and financial status, the club owns and supplies boats to the students for use over the season. All other associated costs are kept to a minimum to ensure all children have the opportunity to sail at Metung.

The Metung Y.C juniors program offers two classes of dinghy. The OsiOptimist dinghy for beginners and as the students advance they are given the opportunity to progress to the International Cadet class. The International Cadet is a legendary 3.2 metre training/ racing boat first designed in 1947. Originally constructed from plywood they have since been made from fibreglass as well as the more popular foam sandwich fibreglass. While the materials have changed the design has remained essentially the same, a 30 year old boat in good condition can be just as competitive as the latest model. As the Cadet is a two person boat young people have to learn teamwork and to develop the skills to make decisions in a rapidly changing on- water environment.

The Cadet class has a strong national and international following and is sailed in over 20 countries. Sailors who succeed at a national level can be selected to represent Australia in the world championships.

Whilst competition is encouraged in the form of racing, the emphasis is also on having fun in an exciting water environment.  Safety is paramount, all activities are conducted mindful of the need to balance safety with a challenging activity.

The 2018/19 junior program commences in October and continues, with a Christmas break, until Easter. Activities commence at 11.00am and finish at approx. 2.00pm.

Junior Sailing Co-Ordinator

Contact: Eagle Edwards   Metungyachtclub@bigpond.com
Sunday Mornings at 11.00am commencing
Sunday 22nd October 2018